Fermer Precision

Fermer Precision is the expert in machining high precision, close-tolerance castings and forgings used in the automotive driveline, pump, compressor, valve and emission control device industries.

Started in 1947 as a highly respected tool and die shop, Fermer Precision has evolved into one of the largest production CNC machining facilities in Upstate New York.

As an ISO 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, Fermer’s versatility allows it to be a one-stop source for pilot runs, as well as for short and high production runs. Fermer Precision also holds a Federal Firearms Manufacturing License.

With more than 85 state-of-the-art machines and its own in-house capabilities for building and maintaining all necessary fixtures and tooling, Fermer provides all of its customers exceptional value, enhanced quality and superior machining productivity levels.

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CNC Macining
of Castings
& Forgings

Industries We Serve

Automotive Parts


• Transfer Cases
• Driveline Components
• Shifting Fork
• Connecting Rods
• Turbocharger Bodies
• Emission Control Bodies
• Pumps and Compressor Bodies

Pump Parts

Pumps & Compressors

• Housings
• Impellers
• Cases
• Valve Bodies
• Connecting Rods
• Pistons and Cylinders

Valve & Sensors

Valve & Sensors

• Housings
• Bodies
• Seats
• Collars
• Cooler Bodies
• Valves
• Stems

Other Industries Fermer Serves

• Aerospace
• Industrial Machining
• Electronics
• Emission Control
• Firearms
• Military

Fermer Precision Casting Machining Specialist